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This is currently stable release 1.0.0

Follow the changes by reading the ChangeLog.

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News in 1.0.0:

    * New default style: bloe
    * New styles:
      ostrich zimek_darkblue, zimek_green, zimek_bisque,
      carp, arch, bora_black, bora_blue, bora_green, green_tea, bloe
    * Fixed shape handling, now shaped corners have border.
    * Allow negative numbers in command "Workspace"
    * Added utility fluxbox-remote 
      * Allows script access to most fluxbox commands; 
        Support must be turned on in the init file with
        session.screen.allowRemoteActions; the syntax is, e.g.,
        fluxbox-remote "CustomMenu ~/.fluxbox/custommenu" 
    * Added keycommands :AddWorkspace and :RemoveLastWorkspace
    * Added some missing Open Office entries and window managers,
      plus some other minor changes in fluxbox-generate_menu
    * Updated languages: 
      sv_SE, zh_CN, de_*, es_ES, es_AR, en_US, en_GB, pt_*
      fi_FI, fr_FR, ru_RU

Bug fixes:
    * #1694959 Rotate toolbar background texture along with toolbar
    * #1712583 Non-latin characters displayed incorrectly in menu title
    * #1708859 Fix error passing --with-locale path in ./configure
    * #1524098 #1633718, System tray restart issue 
               ( gaim/pidgin crash on restart )
    * #1748967 Save workspace names when changing through menu
    * #1745678 Fixed resource usage due to Skype 1.4
    * #1736252 Strip off additional bits in event state set by Xorg
    * #1716899 Deiconify when automatically tabbing to a minimized 
               window with focus new windows on
    * #1479517 Fix submenu placement with xinerama after moving the 
               menu between heads
    * #1716900 Also send transient windows when sending a window to 
               another workspace
    * #1717782 Bad fullscreen in ooimpress2
    * #1718112 memory leak in FbWindow::textProperty 
    * #1545066 Only replace numbers with zeros when calculating clock 
    * #1652185 Fix window menu context when opened by clicking on tab
    * Workspace Menu wasn't updating when windows changed titles 
    * HideMenus didn't work on CustomMenus, and also fixed a memleak with
    * Fix to avoid rogue instances of /bin/sh after forking away programs
    * Fixed some rendering problems when toolbar item borderwidth is
      too large and toolbar bevelwidth is set
    * Right clicking on a submenu didn't revert focus to its parent
    * Pressing escape in a torn menu didn't work
    * Updates for compiling with gcc 4.3 
    * Fixed compile error with --disable-remember
    * Fix transient windows getting tabbed from apps file and not 
      changing layers when main window is in a lowered tab
    * Fixed some window placement issues
    * Fixed bug with fluxbox-generate_menu -is
    * Fixed infinite loop caused by deiconify command 
    * Fixed a bug in parsing cli
    * Fix slit.onhead with BOTTOMLEFT placement
    * Fixed crash when CustomMenu command doesn't point to a file

See ChangeLog for more details.

News in 1.0rc3:

    * Introduced support for mouse buttons in the keys file
      - Mouse buttons are bound to new `keys' Mouse1, Mouse2, etc.
      - Also a new modifier `OnDesktop' to specify actions that should take place
        when you click on the desktop -- without this, mouse bindings are global
    * Added a utility to the project that automatically updates configuration
      files when we change the syntax -- your current mouse bindings on the
      desktop will be added to your keys file automatically
    * Introduced new key command: HideMenus
    * Introduced a key command to display a menu stored in an arbitrary file:
      CustomMenu /path/to/file
    * More extended wm hints support:
      * _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL (new in version 1.4.draft-1),
    * Little simplification of data structure for keybindings
      Side effects:
        - "Mod4 a b" now behaves like "Mod4 a None b" -- in fact, "None" is now
           completely obsolete
        - You can press "Escape" to cancel any Emacs-style keychain in progress
          (unless it's bound to something else)
        - If there is a conflict between bindings, the first one in the file wins
        - Fixes handling of keychains like "Mod4 a Mod1 b"
        - Should fix some issues with "None" modifier  
    * Updated following translations:
      pt_PT, es_ES, es_AR, pt_BR, de_DE, nb_NO
    * Support per-window transparency settings.
       ( patch #1511042, feature #1108692 )
      - new "Transparency" menu in the window menu
      - new apps file attribute: 
         [alpha] {int int} (or just {int})
        Where numbers represent focused and unfocused transparency, 
        respectively. One number only will be used for both.
      - Also, show toggle status for shade and stick in window menu.
      * Introduced new key command: SetAlpha [[+-] [[+-]]]
        - with no arguments, returns the focused window to default settings
        - with one argument, changes both focused and unfocused settings the same
        - with two arguments, the first changes the focused alpha, and the second
          changes the unfocused alpha
       E.g. SetAlpha 127 +5 will set the focused alpha to 127 and increment the
      unfocused alpha by 5 (until it reaches 255)
    * Added resource and menu item for maximizing over external tabs
    * Renamed session.screen*.iconbar.deiconifyMode to
       session.screen*.userFollowModel (Mark)
       This resource is used for:
        - clicking a window on a different workspace in the iconbar
        - _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW messages where the source is a pager
        - clicking a client in the workspace menu (and the opposite is used for
          right clicks)
       Possible values are:
        - Follow: go to the workspace of the selected window
        - Current: bring the window to the current workspace
        - SemiFollow: act like Current for iconified windows, else Follow
        - Ignore: leave it alone
    * Added support for negative arguments to the `Tab' key command to count
      backwards from the last tab in the group
    * Added option to :Minimize key command to lower all windows in the same
      layer as the focused window,syntax is :Minimize (layer)
    * Several changes for background style option:
      - now support `background: mod' to coincide with fbsetroot -mod --
        In addition to `background.color' and `background.colorTo', this option
        must also set `background.modX' and `background.modY' to integers
      - added `background: none' for styles that do not include a background
      - fixed bug with style backgrounds not getting set when changing styles
      - updated default styles to be valid wrt background options
    *  Made some changes to the way autogrouping in the apps file works
      - Introduced new syntax [group] (workspace) to group new windows only with
        windows on the current workspace.
    * XEMBED support for systemtray.
    * Added typeahead support to menus (patch by Philipp Goedl, modified by Mark
      and Matteo Galiazzo)
      - Added new style item menu.frame.underlineColor:  for displaying
        matching items
    * session.screen.defaultDeco now allows same strings as apps file

Bug fixes:
    * #1437864, Buttons should only run a command if the mouse was clicked down 
      on the same button
    * #1560803, MaxSize and MinSize hints weren't getting updated properly
    * #1535304, #1572683, #1646740, Layer wasn't set properly on remembered 
      windows, and the layer menu wasn't getting updated properly,
    * #1060891, #1517747, Clicking on the edge of a button didn't work
    * #1595497, Don't escape regular expression metacharacters in apps file 
    * #1621980, Fix data type of data passed to set _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS
    * #1528646, Don't add 2 pixels to a specified toolbar height
    * #1595336, Stop cycling focus when any other command is run
    * #1561482, Crash when clicking on the workspacename to get the
                toolbar menu.
    * #1362913, core dumps on Solaris
    * #1519913, Next/PrevWindow toolbar buttons break MouseFocus
    * #1491571, Round corners badly rendered 
    * #1449608, Auto-grouped windows using groups file didn't raise 
    * #1069909, Incorrect window dimensions
    * Changing between internal and external tabs didn't affect iconified
    * Preserve order of focused windows on restart 
    * Properly revert focus when two windows close simultaneously 
    * Fixed nls digit strings to prefix with zero "%4d" => "%04d" for proper 
    * Fix RefCount crash and Slit deconstruction ordering
    * Detect user's shell from environment rather than assuming /bin/sh
    * Fixed an unreported bug with grouping windows on multiple screens
    * Fixed a bug with resizing windows for clients when only the width is
    * Fixed a bug with `session.ignoreBorder: true'
    * Slit was creating a strut even when it wasn't visible
    * Fixed display bug with ParentRelative menu highlight
    ...and more, not listed here.

See ChangeLog for more details.

News in 1.0rc2:

    * New resource/command
       * session.modKey:  
       * command SetModKey 
       eg: session.modKey: Mod4   allows to use the winkey to resize and move
       windows and have Mod1 (Alt) free for using blender or Maya.
    * Updated de_DE translation
    * Added EUC-KR to ko_KR encodings
    * startfluxbox aware of --program-prefix and --program-suffix
    * More ewmh support: _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIALOG and  
      _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS are now supported.
    * Native Language Support:
      * Was broken in 1.0rc
      * New menu items to specify encoding of enclosed labels:
          [encoding] {UTF-8}
            ... (menu) ...
        We recommend that all automatic menu generation programs use this
        around their output to ensure portability between user locale
      * Automatic conversion for unknown encodings (if supported by host)
Bug fixes:
    * #1507754, iconbar text was not updated to match titlebar
    * #1362463, menu selection pixmaps disappear 
    * #1507671, clock not updating on multiple screens
    * #1512046, "window.label.unfocus.pixmap" doesn't update
    * Fixed slit menu so it closes when you press escape
    * Fixed crash when unable to convert between local and utf-8 encodings
    * Make Urgency Hint flash the correct tab in a group
    * Window placement when apps remembers size but not location 
    * Menu placement issue with (vertical) xinerama
    * nls fixes

See ChangeLog for more details.

News in 1.0rc:

    * External tabs are back.
       - option in Configure menu to enable/disable
         No restart required.
    * Added support for following atoms:
        _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION (flashing titlebar/iconbar) 
       For a complete list of supported net wm atoms 
       go to:
    * Added new commands:
      * ToggleCmd
        Works like a macro but executes the commands one at the time in order.
        Mod1 T :ToggleCmd {Exec xterm} {NextWindow}
        When Mod1 T is press the first time it will start xterm, the second time
        it will do NextWindow. When it reaches end it will start at the beginning.
      * CloseAllWindows
        Closes all windows.
    * Supports urgency hint ( flashing titlebar/iconbar )
    * Pressing shift while pressing enter in menu item will fake a right mouse
      button press. Useful for increase/decrease values in menu.
    * Updated documentation
    * Flashing titlebar/iconbar when the window demands attention with urgency 
      hint or using _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION.
      The blink rate can be configured with the following resource:
      Default value is 500.
      If the value is zero this feature will be disabled.
    * Better UTF-8 handling
    * fbrun: Move the cursor to the end when tab completing
      (rfe #1333003, patch #1475578)
    * Added option to reverse desktop wheeling (patch #1034287)
      session.screen0.reversewheeling: true|false
    * Vertical toolbar is back.
    * Provide "Key Modes"
      - New action in keys file:
          Modifier Key :KeyMode   
        Will define a key binding namespace activated by the given mod/key 
        combination. The End Modifier and key are optional. They define 
        the key combination that quits the given key mode. They default 
        to just 'Escape'.
      - New keys file optional prefix:
          : Modifier Key :Command
        will only work when the  keymode is activated.
      -  is  "default" if not specified - so:
         **default commands will not be activated inside another keymode**
      - Handy Example:
         Mod1 X :KeyMode XNest
         XNest: Mod1 X :KeyMode default
        Will switch to XNest keymode when you press Alt-X. Then the 
        default bindings will not be caught by normal fluxbox, and will 
        pass through to an Xnested one! Groovy... Alt-X will switch back 
        to normal.
Bug fixes:
    * #1475268(patch) Fix occasional highlighting of menu nops+separators
    * #1474722(patch) Focus singular windows on a workspace
    * #1499402 Fix building on machines without iconv
    * #1113668 Fix workspace menu corruption when window title changes
    * #1359442 Fix system tray resize looping/livelock
    * #1467871 Fix type of last_release_time, affected double click functions
      on 64-bit platforms
    * #1454204 Fix compile error in
    * Fixed resize box bug, it had wrong size in some cases.
    * Fixed bug with horizontal maximization when quadrant resizing
    * Fixed transparency on multiple screens & possibly bad root bg atom reading
    * Fixed memory leaks & other errors in Menu code
    * Fixed crash when toolbar disabled
    * Fix build on amd64
    * Fixed crash when deiconify stuck windows with Follow mode
    * Fixed apps filename on save
    * Fix to slit transparency 
    * Fix resizing of client window when autogroup from apps

See ChangeLog for more details.

Before next release we need people to help us with translation.
We also need people to report bugs and other issues with the changed setup.
Do not forget to include language setting, OS and distribution in the report.

News in

   * Removed the green background on styles that are not using 
      the new background option.
Bug fixes:
    * #1454204 compile error in
    * Apps filename on save 
    * Crash fix for stuck icons
    * Follow workspace fix for stuck icons
    * Placement config

News in 0.9.15:

    * Added styleOverlay resource 
       * session.styleOverlay: ~/.fluxbox/overlay
       Style settings in this file override any settings from a
       regular style
    * New theme item:
       * background: [texture option]
       * background.pixmap: image filename
       * background.color: [color]
       * background.colorTo: [color]
       The background.pixmap filename will be sent to "fbsetbg"
       which in turn sets the background.
       The following options will be available for the background.pixmap:
         - tiled 
         - centered
       For example:
         background: tiled
         background.pixmap: someimage.png
       and it can also generate a normal texture:
         background: gradient
         background.color: blue
         background.colorTo: green
       The rootCommand in the style is now obsolete and if the 
       "background" item is not found in the style then the default
       background will be green and with a warning text.
    * Added new resize mode: Center 
       session.screen0.resizeMode: Center
       This mode will move all corners at the same time with 
       equal distance.
    * Resources changes for titlebar:
      The titlebar is now configured by setting:
      * session.screen.titlebar.left
      * session.screen.titlebar.right
    * nls changes:
       * Updated ko_KR
       * Added zh_CN, nb_NO
Bug fixes:
    * #1409775 gcc4.1 problems
    * #1327878 Appending backslash to () and [] characters in the apps file
    * #1417688 remember apps keeps incrementing vertical dimension
    * #1307877 fbsetbg did not create ~/.fluxbox/lastwallpaper
    * #1335255 (Gentoo #110197) fbgm had some globbing related probs 
    * #1267076 cygwin link problems
    * Fix for stuck icons
    * Fixed memory leak when XCreateImage fails in XFontImp
    * _net_wm_state_hidden

News in 0.9.14:

    * Titlebar scrolling options 
       * session.screenN.windowScrollAction: Shade|NextTab
         - set the action that happens when scrolling on the titlebar
       * session.screenN.windowScrollReverse: true|false
         - reverse the action direction
    * New locales: uk_UA, be_BY, el_GR
    * Focus options: 
      SloppyFocus, SemiSloppyFocus and ClickToFocus options are now
      MouseFocus, ClickFocus, MouseTabFocus and ClickTabFocus
    * Renamed bsetroot to fbsetroot
    * Improved move to action: 
       * MoveTo [int|*] [int|*] 
         - * means "use current value"
         - Reference Corner is one of:
           - UpperLeft, Upper, UpperRight
           - Left, Right
           - LowerLeft, Lower, Right
         MoveTo 0 * Left       -> snap to left workspace edge
         MoveTo * 0 Lower      -> snap to lower workspace edge
         MoveTo 0 0 UpperRight -> snap to upper right workspace corner
    * Font changes:
      - Usage of xft-fonts is prefered, except a font-description starts with '-'
      - Removed "antialias"-option completly, to enable/disable "antialias"
        use either  :antialias= in the style or use
        Xft.antialias:  in your .Xdefaults
      - Added caching of fonts, fonts are only loaded once.        
      * New style resources: 
        *.font.shadow.x :        - shadow x offset
        *.font.shadow.y :        - shadow y offset
        *.font.shadow.color :  - color of shadow
        *.font.halo.color :    - color of halo
      - Removed 'shadow' and 'halo' options from fontdefinitions
      - Style authors may specify multiple fonts:
    * Keycodes can now be used in the keys file.
      None 10 :NextWorkspace
      where 10 is the keycode for '1'
    * Added new configure option --with-locale=path
      redirects location of nls directories.
Bug fixes:
    * #1281708, MenuIcon does not scale properly
    * #1240248, Segfaults for :MoveTabLeft/Right
    * #1206821, unportable usage of grep in fbgm
    * #1116965, #1047529, shaded windows on restart
    * #1213003, SendToWorkspace shouldnt follow
    * #1216020, *.font.effect wont get cleared if not defined in style
    * #1213262, justification in WorkspaceNameTool 
    * Fixed systemtray overlap

News in 0.9.13:

    * Massive speed- and memory- improvements
    * Added new Buttons for the Titlebar:
        - Shade - just like the "Stick"-button
          Style resources:
            window.shade.pixmap, window.shade.unfocus.pixmap, window.shade.pressed.pixmap
            window.unshade.pixmap, window.unshade.unfocus.pixmap, window.unshade.pressed.pixmap
        - MenuIcon - click on it provides the windowmenu, if the app
          contains a pixmap (gvim, konqueror etc etc) the pixmap is displayed, a
          little menu otherwise. 
          Style resources:
            window.menuicon.pixmap, window.menuicon.unfocus.pixmap
        Example ~/.fluxbox/init - entry:
          session.titlebar.left: MenuIcon Stick
          session.titlebar.right: Shade Minimize Maximize Close
    * Added more Key Actions to TextBoxes
        - Control + LeftArrow  - Moves cursor to the left direction, up to next word.
        - Control + RightArrow - to the right direction.
        - Control + BackSpace  - Removes everything from the cursor left side, up to next left word.
        - Control + Delete     - like above but removes to the right direction.
    * Added some style resources:
        - menu.hilite.submenu.pixmap:    
        - menu.hilite.selected.pixmap:   
        - menu.hilite.unselected.pixmap: 
    * Added new Iconbar Modes:
        - NoIcons   - all but iconified windows
        - WorkspaceNoIcons - all but iconified windows on the current Workspace
    * Added -screen <"all"|int[,int]> :
       $> fluxbox -screen 0,2      will run fluxbox on 0.0 and 0.2 so
                                   one can run any other wm on 0.1.
       $> fluxbox -screen all      default, fluxbox manages all screens
    * fluxbox-generate_menu now can add pixmaps to menu entries

Bug fixes:
    * Mutiple keyboard layout (#1160244, #1099704, #1094107)
    * ArrangeWindows (#1086673, 
    * Inconsistent behavior of Java dialogs (#1157361)
    * fbrun segfault (#1188690)
    * ShowDesktop (#1020399)
    * 64bit issues (#1107213, #1105041)

News in 0.9.12:

   * Added Imlib2 support (./configure --enable-imlib2) [default=disabled]
      Fluxbox can now load *.png, *.jpg and other image-formats.
   *  Added Tab command, which goes to a specific tab number 
           Mod1 1 :Tab 1
           Mod2 3 :Tab 3
    * Added support for hsetroot to fbsetbg

Bug fixes:
    * Fix for #1091710 (SystemTray is not covered by StyleStuff)
      SystemTray is now configurable via styles thru the 
      toolbar.systray.* - resource, it falls back to the look of the clock
    * Warnings on amd64 (#1099278, #1099950)
    * WithdrawnState handling) (#1087220)
    * Windows dont respect toolbar.border.width (#996298)
    * Fixed "remove last workspace" bug
    * Fixed problems with gtk2-fullscreen-mode (gimp2, galeon etc)
    * missing header (#1080323)
    * Update ClockTool when timeformat changed (#1026096)

News in 0.9.11:

    * Slit:
      * wheel or middle/right click in slit menu 
        moves items up/down
      * Save slit list menu item
    * (Re)added dragNdrop ordering of tabs
    * Better visualisation of the RememberState in RememberMenu
    * iconbar:
      * new resources:
        session.*.iconbar.wheelMode: <mode>
           On     - enable mousewheeling on the iconbuttons
           Off    - disables mousewheeling on the iconbuttons
           Screen - uses the settings of desktopWheeling
        session.*.iconbar.deiconifyMode: <mode>
           Current    - deiconifies the window on current workspace
           Follow     - deiconifies the window on the workspace it
                        was iconified from and jumps to that workspace
           SemiFollow - acts as 'Current' for windows that were actually
                        iconified, and as 'follow' for the others
      * Added option to specify what to do with windows, 
        that got activated on a different workspaces than the
         urrent one (thru NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW for example,
         guinotification-plugin from gaim)
         session.screen0.followModel: <value>
           Ignore  - ignore the activated window
           Follow  - go to the workspace of the window
          Current | CurrentWorkspace | Fetch - get the window onto the 
                                               current workspace
    * session.focusTabMinWidth:
      defines the guaranteed minimize size of the focused tab
      in percent of the whole window
    * New command: export | setenv  
      sets the enviroment of fluxbox to a given value
      export NAME=VALUE
      setenv NAME VALUE
    * Alpha values are no longer in theme, but are in init file. Possible
      values are (all beginning with session.screenN.), * means changed/new:
        -  menu.alpha (*)
        -  slit.alpha 
        -  window.focus.alpha (*)
        -  window.unfocus.alpha (*)
        -  toolbar.alpha (*)
Bug fixes:
    * Fix to avoid gentoo bug #72703 also reported at
    * Fix for a java-bug (wrong opened subwindows)
    * Fix for hiding menu when menufile changed 
    * Fix for segfault at startup
    * fbrun doesnt overlap screenborders anymore
    * Fixed Wine + Paradise Poker Client problem.
    * Fix UnderMousePlacement, patch #1052534, close #1048000
    * Some changes to avoid invisible fonts
    * Fix memleaks
    * A few fixes to compile fluxbox with icc and mipspro(irix) #1045785
    * Fixed a problem when system-date is set back 
    * Fixed some TextBox issues with some "untypeable" keys 
    * Fix a couple of bugs with transparency in toolbar/buttons
    * Fix crash when in windowmenu->submenu and closing the app 
    * other bug fixes:

News in 0.9.10:

    * Old styles should look like they used to
    * New actions:
      * directional focus movement:
        FocusUp, FocusDown, FocusLeft, FocusRight
      * other:
        RaiseLayer, LowerLayer, Exit
    * Added apps file matching on WM_WINDOW_ROLE
      * use "role=string". Particularly useful for gaim+gimp windows
       [app] (role=buddy_list) ...
    * Window menu file
      * new resource:
        * session.screen<num>.windowMenu: <filename>
      * The menu file format is the same as the normal ~/.fluxbox/menu
        but with some special menu items:
        [iconify], [maximize], [shade], [close], [extramenus]
        [layer], [sendto]
        + the all the other menu items that you can use in the normal
        root menu (i.e [exec] (aterm) {aterm})
        The [extramenus] will add  "remember" menu
        example: session.screen0.windowMenu: ~/.fluxbox/windowmenu
          [exec] (aterm) {aterm}
    * Added [wallpapers|wallpapermenu|rootcommands] to possible
      * [wallpapers] (directory) {rootcommand}
        creates a submenu in the menu to click on the wallpaper one
        wants. default rootcommand is fbsetbg
    * Improved menu transparent rendering speed and the 
      text is not transparent anymore so you are able
      to see the text even if you have 100% transparency
    * New menu theme items:
      * menu.titleHeight: <integer>
      * menu.itemHeight: <integer>
      The height of the item/title will be the biggest of
      font height + bevel and the specified height, so the
      text will always fit.
    * Added icons in menu and improved menu loading speed
      * New option for menu file:
       [key] (label) {argument to key} <the icon filename>
       [exec] (aterm) {aterm} <terminal.xpm>
    * Improve rendering speed of toolbar
      * eg nautilus desktop windows are on the bottom, not tabable, etc
    * Added some new options font loading:
      *.font:  fontname-size:option,specoption1:key=val;key2=val2 etc
      *.font: Verdana-10:bold,shadow:offsetx=2;offsety=4;color=green
      *.font: Verdana-10:halo:color=blue
      possible specoptions atm:
        offsetx=number  (negative allowed)
        offsety=number  (negative allowed)
    * Fixed so one can use to use this in the apps-file:
      [Layer] {number | literal}
	  [Layer] {BOTTOM}
      while literal is one of
    * fluxbox-generate_menu:
      * Preliminary basic support for icons in fluxbox-generate_menu
        put a <progname>.xpm into ~/.fluxbox/icons. e.g. Eterm.xpm

Bug fixes:
    * Compiles with gcc 3.4
    * Reparent issue with java menus
    * A crash when a window closes while [opaque] moving
    * Rendering of transparency on menu exposes 
    * handling alpha value of zero
    * Bug in Iconbar mode menu
    * Bug in systray
      (this fixes the problem with "sim" in systray)
      It didn't force client position on configure request
    * Tiled texture
    * Transient window bug at startup
    * Ugly toolbar at startup
    * When time_t is long long 
    * Delete key is working for fbrun
    * Mouse scroll on icons in toolbar changes workspace
    * Click on handle bar raises window even if "click raises" = false
    * fbrun segfaults when history item is bigger than entry box

News in 0.9.9:

    * New commands:
      * Deiconify <mode> <dest>
        * Where mode is:
          * last
           - deiconify last iconified window
          * lastworkspace (default)
           - deiconify last iconified window from current workspace
          * all
           - deiconify all iconified windows
          * allworkspace
           - deiconify all iconfied windows from current workspace
        * and dest is:
          * current (default)
           - deiconify them on current windows
          * origin
           - deiconify them where they were
          * originquiet
           - deiconify to old workspace but dont follow
      * SendToNextWorkspace <num>
        * sends current window forward <num> workspaces
      * SendToPrevWorkspace <num>
        * sends current window backward <num> workspaces
      * WindowMenu
        * popups the window menu
    * New resources:
      * session.tabsAttachArea: <mode>
        * where mode is:
           * Window
            - dropping tabs to any part of the destination-window leads
              to attaching to that frame (default)
           * Titlebar
            - dropping tabs only to the titlebar of the destination-
              window leads to attaching to that frame
      * session.screen<num>.overlay.lineWidth: <integer>
      * session.screen<num>.overlay.lineStyle:
         * Valid arguments: LineSolid, LineOnOffDash LineDoubleDash

      * session.screen<num>.overlay.joinStyle:
         * Valid arguments: JoinRound, JoindMiter, JoinBevel

      * session.screen<num>.overlay.capStyle:
         * Valid arguments: CapNotLast, CapRound, CapButt, CapProjecting

    * KDE dockapps docks in systray inside toolbar now
    * Support aspect ratio hints
    * Optional decoration on transient windows
    * Added ! as a comment char in keys file
    * Improved rendering speed while changing workspace
    * Improved checking for compiler and compiler version
    * Improved transparent rendering speed
    * Remember hidden state for apps
      * [IconHidden] hides the app from the icon bar
      * [FocusHidden] hides the app from the list to be reachable
        via Next/PrevWindow
      * [Hidden] is [IconHidden] + [FocusHidden]
        Example ~/.fluxbox/apps: [IconHidden] {true}
    * Expands tilde for slitlist file
    * Using WM_CLASS instead of NAME in slitlist file
    * Window snapping to other windows
    * More support for Extended Window Manager Hints:
    * sl_SI nls
    * Updated nl_NL locales
    * fbrun news:
      * cycling in tab completion
      * completes binaries from your $PATH
        * if you want to use old history tab-complete, press Ctrl-tab
      * completes path names
      * Control-C clears the text
      * Fixed cursor bug
    * fluxbox-generate_menu news:
      * Updated German locales
      * More firefox support
      * portability fixes
      * improve menu reloading
      * more menu entries
      * French locales
      * Portuguese locales
Bug fixes:
    * Decoration bug with mwm hint + remember
    * Drawing issues with big menus
    * _MOTIF_WM_HINTS decoration toggle bug
    * No-text-in-iconbar bug on restart
    * Menu time stamp on root menu
    * placeWindow caused spinning with screens higher than width
      e.g. vertical xinerama
    * compiles in cygwin
    * update of keys on keymap change
    * infinite loop in fbrun
    * window size bug in no-decor windows on start/restart
    * The _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW crash bug
    * mplayer -vo xvid bug
    * menu keyboard navigation bug

News in 0.9.8:

    * Transparent toolbar
      Change the toolbar alpha in the style
      toolbar.alpha: 0-255
      toolbar.<tool>.alpha: 0-255
Bug fixes: 
    * Fixed image cache problem (the memory bug)
    * Fixed color parsing bug
    * Fixed iconbar bug in "All Windows" mode
    * Fixed border bug with left/right alignment in iconbar
    * Fixed a loop issue in fluxbox-generate_menu

News in 0.9.7:

    * Two new styles:
      Emerge from Nuno Alexandre
      BlueFlux from Lauri Hakkarainen
    * Added menu delay/click to open or close sub menus
      new resource items:
      session.screen0.menuMode:  can be either Click or Delay (default: Delay)
      session.screen0.menuDelay:  in msec  (default: 0 )
      session.screen0.menuDelayClose: in msec (default: 0 )
      session.screen0.menuMode: Delay
      session.screen0.menuDelay: 400
      session.screen0.menuDelayClose: 300
    * Added alignment for buttons in icon bar
       Change Left, Relative or Right via the iconbar mode menu
       New resource item:
       session.screen0.iconbar.clientWidth: Integer
       session.screen0.iconbar.alignment:  LEFT, RELATIVE or RIGHT
    * Added remember position (Thanks Mathias Gumz)
      Usage: [app] (fbrun)
             [Position] (WINCENTER) {0 0}
      and inside the { } is the relative position
      possible values for () are:
    * New menu item [separator] 
      This will create a nice separator line      
    * New theme items:   <texture>  <color>
    For highlighting the active (visible) tab when not in focus.
    * New actions:
      CommandDialog  - this will show a dialog in which you can issue 
                       fluxbox commands
      WorkspaceNameDialog  - edit workspaces name dialog (old SetWorkspaceName)
      SetWorkspaceName <name> 
      SetResourceValueDialog - shows a dialog where you can type the resource
                               name and it's value
      SetResourceValueCmd <resourcename> <resource value>
      BindKey <key string> :<action>   - this will append key string and 
                                         action to your keys file and bind
                                         the key
    * Window menu accessible in workspaces client menu  
    * Shadow options for fonts
        menu.frame.font: Verdana-8:shadow
    * Enabled/Disable toolbar menu item ("Visible" menu item)
    * Toggle images in iconbar
    * Edit clock format dialog
    * Send to menu is back
    * Changed Maximize menu item in Window menu to a multi button item
      Button1: Maximize Normal
      Button2: Maximize Vertical
      Button3: Maximize Horizontal
    * Added resource session.useMod1 <boolean> to disable/enable mod1
      for Resize/Move window with mod1 + button
Bug fixes: 
    * Fixed slit and toolbar autohide bug
    * Fixed image cache bug
    * Fixed some icc warnings
    * Fixed mozilla focus issue
    * Fixed crash bug when adding new workspaces
    * Fixed menu draw bug in empty sub menus

News in 0.9.6:

    * Adding image search paths when loading a style
      It now looks for pixmaps in <stylebase> and <stylebase>/pixmaps
      and in file <stylesdir>/<stylename>/theme.cfg
      => for this, stylebase is the style directory
      pixmap styles should use the new format for portability
    * Added startup script to be used with startfluxbox, to get a 
      consistent frontend for both *dm and startx and your fluxbox-session
    * Added "!" as a comment line for keys file
    * Added new actions
          * workspacemenu  
          * Move x y
          * Resize x y
          Next two commands are absolute coordinates
          * MoveTo x y
          * ResizeTo x y
    * Improved menu speed
    * Added -verbose argument to fluxbox
        This will enable theme warnings
    * Configurable tools in toolbar
        * New resource item:
        * session.screen<num> <toolname>, <toolname2>
          example: clock, iconbar, workspacename
          Valid toolnames are:
             * workspacename
             * clock
             * iconbar
             * systemtray
             And the old arrows are back:
             * nextworkspace/prevworkspace
             * nextwindow/prevwindow   
    * New theme items for toolbar
        * toolbar.button.size: <interger>   for fixed buttons in the toolbar
        * toolbar.button.borderWidth: <integer>
        * toolbar.button.borderColor: <color>
        * toolbar.button: <texture>
        * toolbar.button.color: <color>
        * toolbar.button.colorTo: <color>
        * toolbar.button.pixmap:  <filename>
        * toolbar.button.picColor: <color>
        * toolbar.button.pressed.color: <color>
        * toolbar.button.pressed.colorTo: <color>
        * toolbar.button.pressed: <texture>   
    * Support for _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN
    * Nearest-quadrant resizing
    * Improvements/Updates to fbsetbg and fluxbox-generate_menu

Bug fixes: 
    * Fixed some issues with mplayer in fullscreen
    * Fixed java bug with missing drawing bits of window
    * Fixed building with --disable-slit
    * Fixed NLS bad message errors by adding explicit codeset entries
    * Fixed disappearing close button
    * Fixed numlock and scrlock bug in FbTk TextBox
    * Fixed pixmap bug when changing between non-pixmap themes and pixmap themes
    * Fixed empty window bug in SystemTray
    * Fixed toolbar height bug crash

News in 0.9.5:

    * New theme items:
        Menu theme changes:
        * menu.selected.pixmap
        * menu.unselected.pixmap
        * menu.submenu.pixmap
        Window theme changes:
        * window.title.height 
        Toolbar theme changes:
        * toolbar.height: <pixel size>
        * toolbar.clock: <texture>
        * toolbar.clock.pixmap: <filename>
        * toolbar.clock.color: <color>
        * toolbar.clock.colorTo: <color>
        * toolbar.clock.textColor: <color>
        * toolbar.clock.font: <font>

        * toolbar.workspace: <texture>
        * toolbar.workspace.pixmap: <filename>
        * toolbar.workspace.color: <color>
        * toolbar.workspace.colorTo: <color>
        * toolbar.workspace.textColor: <color>
        * toolbar.workspace.font: <font>
        This is for an empty iconbar: 
        * toolbar.iconbar.empty: <texture>
        * toolbar.iconbar.empty.pixmap: <filename>
        * toolbar.iconbar.empty.color: <color>
        * toolbar.iconbar.empty.colorTo: <color>

        Focused window in iconbar:
        * toolbar.iconbar.focused: <texture>
        * toolbar.iconbar.focused.pixmap: <filename>
        * toolbar.iconbar.focused.color: <color>
        * toolbar.iconbar.focused.colorTo: <color>
        * toolbar.iconbar.focused.textColor: <color>
        * toolbar.iconbar.focused.font: <font>
        And the same for .unfocused:
        * toolbar.iconbar.unfocused: <texture>
    * New actions:
        * resizevertical
        * resizehorizontal
        * setworkspacename
        * movetableft
        * movetabright
    * Set workspace name tool
    * Search path resource for images
        * session.screen<num>.imageSearchPath
        This is a list separated by ',' or space
        example: session.screen0.imageSearchPath: ~/.fluxbox/pixmaps, /usr/share/fluxbox/pixmaps 
    * New height resource for toolbar
        * session.screen<num>.toolbar.height
        This will override the style`s font height
    * Support for system tray _NET_SYSTEM_TRAY
        Applications that support this will show their icon
        in the toolbar next to the clock.
    * New texture type: Tiled
        This will just affect pixmap loaded from file, and it will not scale them.
    * Added MoveTabLeft and MoveTabRight commands 
Bug fixes: 
    * Fixed Transparency bug in menus
    * Fixed so shaped windows like xmms wont get round corners
    * Fixed shape bug when switching between shaped themes and non shaped
    * Fixed kde dockapp bug
    * FbRun works properly on multiple screens
    * Fixed pesky crash and phantom icons
    * Fixed aspects of focus and raising, including transients
    * Fixed java bug, slow windows
    * Fixed 8 bpp crash

News in 0.9.4:

    * Keyboard navigation in menus
       * Keys:
         Up/Down: select menu item
         Left/Right: go in/out from sub menus
         Escape: close menu and return focus to windows
         Enter: run/execute/toggle menu item
      To set input focus on the menu you either click on the title bar
      or bring it up with key bindings
    * New action strings
      * ArrangeWindows 
   	    This will arrange the windows on the current desktop
      * ShowDesktop
	    This will iconify all windows on the current desktop
    * The same action strings that are in keys file can 
      now be used in the menu
      [ArrangeWindows] (arrange windows)
    * New theme items
       * toolbar.button.borderWidth: <integer>
       * toolbar.borderWidth: <integer>
       * toolbar.bevelWidth: <integer>
       * toolbar.borderColor: <color>
       * slit.borderWidth: <integer>
       * slit.bevelWidth: <integer>
       * slit.borderColor: <color>
    * [startup] option in remember file
      Can now add entries to apps file like:
         [startup] {xterm}
      Then "xterm" will be launched on fluxbox startup. 
      Can also give a screen option:
         [startup] (screen=1) {xterm}
      will start it on screen 1 rather than the default 0.
    * Rounded corners on menu, windows and toolbar
      Theme items:
       * menu.roundCorners: <shape item>
       * toolbar.shaped: <boolean>
       * window.roundCorners: <shape item>
      Shape item can be: TopLeft TopRight BottomLeft and/or BottomRight
      example: menu.roundCorners: TopRight BottomLeft
    * The current style is now marked in the style menu
    * Compile time option for toolbar
      --enable-toolbar (default)
    * Emacs style key bindings in fbrun
	* Tab completion in fbrun
    * Group persistence over a restart
    * Maximization stop on slit and toolbar (check Maximize Over menu items)
    * Support for _NET_WM_STRUT
    * Regular expression support for remember
Bug fixes: 
    * Toggle maximize vertical/horizontal
    * Slit/Toolbar auto hide bug
    * Button alignment bug in title bar
    * Trailing whitespace in group file resource

News in 0.9.3:

    * Transparent slit
    * RANDR support
    * Xinerama support
    * Restart and Reconfigure key actions
    * Improved algorithm for window placement
    * New argument for logging: -log <filename>
      ex: fluxbox -log .fluxbox/log
      This will log debugmsg and any output to .fluxbox/log
Bug fixes: 
    * Slit redraw bug
    * "gkrellm redraw" bug
    * Focus bug (caused frequent crashes in 0.9.2)
    * and some other minor bugs

News in 0.9.2:

    * Transparent menus (Requires RENDER support)
    * Pixmap themes (Requires libXpm)
       * New theme items:
         window.<button name>.unfocus.pixmap
         window.<button name>.pixmap
         window.<button name>.pressed.pixmap
         See for more info
    * Remember window hints
       * Position
       * Size
       * Workspace
       * Sticky
       * Decorations
       * Shaded
       * Layer
    * fbsetbg which replaces old bsetbg
       See fbsetbg -h for more info.
    * Directional focus movement
       * Key actions:
         * FocusUp
         * FocusDown
         * FocusLeft
         * FocusRight
Bug fixes: 
    * Slit autohide bug
    * Config menu crash
    * and some other minor bugs

News in 0.9.1:

   * MRU (Most Recently Used) window cycling
   * Embedded tabs in titlebar
   * Toolbar modes
     * Off (no toolbar visible)
	 * None (no icons and no windows in toolbar)
	 * Icons (icons on all workspaces)
	 * Workspace Icons (icons on current workspace)
	 * Workspace (both icons and windows on current workspace)
	 * All Windows (both icons and windows on all workspaces)
Bug fixes: 
   * [ 721107 ] Window resizing problem in a mozilla/phoenix window
   * Toolbar and Slit now properly save layer when changed

News in 0.9.0:

    * Layer support for slit, windows and toolbar ("always on top/bottom")
    * Toolbar and slit menu in configure menu
    * Toolbar width percent changing in realtime by either scrolling 
      or left/right click on the menu item
    * Toolbar placement vertical on left and right side of the screen
    * Slit clients cycle up/down and hiding specific clients
    * Style menu doesn't close now so you can take your time selecting a style

Known bugs and missing features that will be fixed in future version:
    * Tabs are disabled
    * Slit theme
    * Doesn't save Slit placement 
    * It maximizes over everything
    * Window size doesn`t match client size in some cases
    * Some menus doesn`t close when you click on items
    * Outline workspace warping leaving lines/misbehaving
    * Pixmap of sticky button doesn`t update
    * Send to menu is disabled (keybindings will still work though)
    * Some items in configure menu will close the previous menu that holds 
      clientmenu but not the clientmenu
    * Iconbar doesn`t use vertical alignment when toolbar is vertical

Screenshots on some of the new features

Rouned corners

Pixmap theme support
Click on the image to view full screenshot [theme: blueflux by BioNiK].

blueflux by BioNiK

Transparent menu

Placement menu, layer menu and width percent item.

Mode menu.

Embedded tabs

Client menu and a layer menu.

Window menu
New layer menu and maximize horizontal/vertical items.

Root menu with configure
Notice the toolbar and slit menu.

See it in action! >>


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