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Screenshots of development version of Fluxbox

Click on the theme name to download (if available).
For informations how to create style with rounded corners (and other features as well) refer to the changelog of Fluxbox dev release or look inside FIRST theme. New style features are described there.

Screenshot Theme Fluxbox
Bartek 'Majes' Majewski
Sep 29 2004

Rounded menu corners, menu transparency, icons in menu, artwiz fonts... Theme: Sn33z (modified by me), root-tail, torsmo, fbpager, transparent aterm.
Sn33z-mod   0.9.10
Sean Kennedy
Sep 29 2004

Fluxbox style: Lait, System Monitor: torsmo, Apps: xchat, firefox, thunderbird, xmms, gaim, aterm.
Lait   0.9.10
Jan Geboers
Sep 29 2004

This is my newest fluxbox screenshot, running the very latest CVS version (as of 16 september). Backgroun is called pixel wall, theme is an adopted version of BabieKiller.
Unknown   CVS
David Hermans
Sep 29 2004

Unknown   0.9
Sep 29 2004

fluxbox0.9.9, eterm,wmclockmon, nice wallpaper ;)e
Unknown   0.9.9
Caffeine Fish
Sep 29 2004

Fluxbox 0.9.9 with artwiz fonts, round corners from menus and windows, trasnparent menu.
Unknown   0.9.9
Megatron Lider Deception
Sep 29 2004

Fluxbox 0.9.10
Cybertron-glass   0.9.10
Sebastien THOMAS
May 01 2004

Fluxbox 0.9.8-1, Theme : Verde_v1.0 slightly modified. GTK 1 & 2 themes made by me. Soft : Mutt, Rox, LostIRC, transparent Aterms, Gaim, and a collection of dockapps We can see icons in the toolbar, and Gaim in the systray. There is no tabs drawn, they aren't very beautiful in black, but they are very useful Next dockapp, wmmatrix.
Verde_v1.0   0.9.8-1
Tiago Miguel Cavaco Rodrigues
May 01 2004

I'm running gDesklets and a little bit tweaked theme I found on
Didn't say   0.9.8
May 01 2004

This is my current desktop, with ROX, slit & menu transparency, rounded corners, using tabs, the theme is a personalized style using MaggraX's windows and FIRST's menu.
Maggrax & FIRST   0.9.7
Jerrett Taylor
May 01 2004

Using the style 'Alien' style and a wallpaper i made a few years ago. Menu transperancies, rounded corners.
Alien   0.9.8
Emilie Kim
May 01 2004

Fluxbox 0.9.6pre9 with gkrellm, irssi, gaim (shaded), galeon (shaded), aterm, eterm (x2). Two irssi servers are tabbed together and the gaim buddy list and away message window also show off the new tabs. The colours are a bit dark, but windows have top rounded corners with transparencies in the titlebar, and the menu has all rounded corners with transparency. Style is loosely based off of "SECOND" and background is from
DUNNO   0.9.6pre9
Kingsley Hendrickse
May 01 2004

This is a development version of Fluxbox showing Transparent Menus using the Deep Blue theme with taskbar arrows removed. I'm using gdesklets weather, calendar and system resource display and idesk desktop icons. The Eterm is transparent with slight tinting and shows rounded corners.
Deep Blue   0.9.6.pre-9
May 01 2004

Transparent eterm and aterm, gkrellm2 with bluebox theme.
Bluebox   0.9.8
Nuno Alexandre
Nov 10 2003

Fluxbox-cvs 0.-9.6pre9 (18.10.03)
New features: the old toolbar.buttons are back after much request, so ive heard. And it works nice. SystemTray runing latest Gaim. Aterm patched with dropshadows, and fluxbox patched with dropshadow on toolbar, and window labels text. This patch isnt available yet, but I think It wont take long before it is. The style is called "Emerge" and both the patches and the style are available for download on Fluxmod.
Emerge   0.9.6-pre9
Oct 08 2003

XEmacs in EMaxima-mode, ROX and GIMP. The themes "aquaflux" (fluxbox) and "dAqua" (gtk) are selfmade and under development.
aquaflux   pre0.9.6
Oct 08 2003

This screenshot show my desktop with transparent menus, rounded corners, etc...
ManiacGirl   pre0.9.6
Oct 08 2003

My current desktop: Gentoo 1.4, Kernel 2.4.22-ck2, GkrellM2, Some aterms, Mozilla 1.4, LiCQ. Fluxbox theme (Deep Blue) from ::fluxmod::
Deep Blue   pre0.9.6pre9
Mark Sergeant
Oct 08 2003

Based heavily on ikaro's fireeye theme (heck he wrote at least 90% of this :)) I've updated this with some soothing colours, updated pixmaps and a funky background (gravitywell from where the theme gets its name), all running nicely on FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT. Buttons are pixmaps, menu and window edges are rounded and alpha transparency is used gratuitously. The gnome-theme is Smooth Posh and the gkrellm2 theme is r9x.
GravityWell   pre0.9.6
Oliwier Ptak
Oct 04 2003

New feature: Window Menu for icons on the toolbar. The little calendar app is gDeskCal.
sid_digital_she_1x   pre0.9.6pre9
Nuno Alexandre
Sep 08 2003

Fluxbox 0.9.6pre3,with a couple Eterm's and one aterm open. Window titles are with alpha and so is the menu. The style 'fire-eye' wasnt suppose to be available for download, but since someone already requested it, I will put it up on, on the download section, along with the wallpaper.
fire-eye   0.9.6pre3
Sep 08 2003

Here you can see some apps running: gkrellm, xmms, gimp, two transparent Eterms and some dockapps... You also can see some features like rounded corners in windows and fluxbox menu, menu transparency or iconbars for some applications in the taskbar. The style is "SECOND" with a nice Gentoo wallpaper.
SECOND   0.9.6
Oliwier Ptak
Aug 16 2003

Rounded corners, slit & menu transparency. Iconbar and gnome-cd player tray icon on toolbar (new feature). This is current cvs version (as of 2003/08/16) of Fluxbox.
SECOND   pre0.9.5
Adam Weinberger
Aug 12 2003

This shows a completely greyscale theme (I'm colorblind... can you tell?), with pixmapped buttons, rounded windows, shaped toolbar, rounded menus, slit alpha, menu alpha, tabbed window titles, and FreeBSD ::)
quasi-operational   0.9.4
Aug 02 2003

GKrellm, xmms, Eterm tabbed (powered by fluxbox ;)), xpenguins, qiv =)
unknown   0.9.3
Steven Nebes
Aug 02 2003

Here is a nice screenshot of my desktop showing off tabbed windows,transparent menus and rounded corners on both menus and windows. It also shows that it would be suggested to have the rounded feature have an ignore program list if possible. xmms is not supposed to be rounded and it tends to make skins look a bit different. btw, its just the BlueNight theme with the rounded code added.
unknown   0.9.4
Oliwier Ptak
Aug 01 2003

Menu transparency (menu alpha: 151) and rouned corners, slit transparency.
FIRST   0.9.4
Craig Joly
Jul 23 2003

The theme is a port of the metacity (or was it sawfish) H20-Iridium Amber theme. The sticky and maximize buttons give the title bar the round ends. Not sure what causes the black line in the top left (it happened with blueflux too). Slit alpha is set to 50 and the menu alpha to 120. The icons are with wmdrawer and appear on mouse-over. Incidentally, this is with xinerama.
H20-Iridium Amber   0.9.3
Oliwier Ptak
Jul 21 2003

Rounded corners, slit transparency.
FIRST   0.9.4
Joakim Sperens
Jul 21 2003

Menu transprency, icons on desktop (using fbdesk).
unknown   0.9.3

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