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The Tabs
This is almost the same as the window manager PWM's main feature...
The idea is to make working with a lot of windows at the same time easier, without having to switch too much and often between the workspaces. So here's the solution; group the windows (xterms, netscapes, nedit windows or whatever) so it only takes up space like one, then have a little tab for each new window and when you click that tab it switches window. Sounds confusing? It's not! You'll soon be addicted to this way of working with your desktop. To clarify the concept a bit, here is a screenshot showing one xterm, xman and xmansel grouped into one group:

3 windows joined together

Ever wanted to master Gimp? Well, now you can :)

To move a window into another, to form a group, you drag it on the tab with the third (middle) mouse-button to the desired window to join. Same way to ungroup a set of windows. For even more information on this, I suggest that you try it out and fiddle around yourself.

If you really can't stand them (the tabs) then you, of course, can configure fluxbox so it won't use them.


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