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Download source:
tar.gz (md5sum: 89aac82e217ef366634dfd768b1b5dff )
Or from subversion repository:
svn checkout svn://

For transparency:
XRENDER support in the X server (xdpyinfo|grep RENDER)

With default:

With fbpager.alpha: 64

fbpager.workspace.width: 32
fbpager.workspace.height: 32
fbpager.workspacesPerRow: 2
fbpager.alpha: 64

fbpager.workspacesPerRow: 1
fbpager.currentBackgroundColor: darkblue
fbpager.backgroundColor: blue
fbpager.windowBorderColor: grey
fbpager.focusedWindowColor: lightblue
fbpager.windowColor: rgb:3/3/f

Documentation: From README Author: Henrik Kinnunen (fluxgen at fluxbox dot org) Contributors: Many thanks to Mathias Gumz (gumz at cs dot uni-magdeburg dot de) for adding mouse gestures, bug fixing and other patches. Usage: ./fbpager Arguments: -display -w withdrawn state (i.e in the Slit) -rc resource file (default: ~/.fluxbox/fbpager) -sr show resources -s (default: 0) -v show version -h show this help Default resource file: ~/.fluxbox/fbpager Resources with default values: fbpager.alpha: 255 fbpager.x: 0 fbpager.y: 0 fbpager.workspace.width: 64 fbpager.workspace.height: 64 fbpager.workspacesPerRow: 6400 fbpager.followDrag: false fbpager.followMove: false fbpager.changeWorkspaceButton: 11 fbpager.raiseWindowButton: 2 fbpager.lowerWindowButton: 3 fbpager.closeWindowButton: 3 3 1 fbpager.exitButton: 1 3 3 fbpager.nextWorkspaceButton: 4 fbpager.prevWorkspaceButton: 5 fbpager.moveInWorkspaceButton: 1 fbpager.dragToWorkspaceButton: 2 fbpager.align: LeftToRight fbpager.color: white fbpager.windowColor: white fbpager.focusedWindowColor: white fbpager.windowBorderColor: black fbpager.backgroundColor: darkgray fbpager.currentBackgroundColor: lightgray fbpager.multiClickTime: 250 fbpager.icons: false fbpager.windowBorderWidth: 1 Most of the resources should be self-explanatory, but some are explained in the notes section below. Notes: You can do mouse gestures with the button bindings. To exit fbpager you click button 1 and then button 3 two times fbpager.workspacesPerRow, this should be a big number if you dont want it to change row. is default to scroll up/down with the mouse wheel Multipleclicks are represented by a repetition of the button eg: 11 is a double leftclick 111 is a tripple leftclick The time between multiclicks is adjustable via: fbpager.multiClickTime: int (default 250(ms)) The time between each buttonpress must lay under 1 second, if its bigger, the button queue gets flushed Homepage: Subversion repository: svn checkout svn:// License: MIT License ( )


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