FbDesk is a fluxbox-util application that creates and manage icons on your Fluxbox desktop.

Implemented: Download:
fbdesk-1.4.1.tar.gz ( md5sum: b65136d2d52524492c8a5bc233b7f34b )
notes: Icon file changed name and is now ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons
and init file changed name to ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk

Requirements: Xlib and Imlib2. For transparency XRENDER in X (xdpyinfo|grep RENDER)
Window manager that supports NET WM spec (fluxbox devel > 0.9.* or svn)

To report bugs and/or request features send an email to: fluxgen at users.sourceforge.net
or just go to #fluxbox irc.freenode.net


New Menu

Transparency (old menu)

Bottom placement of text

Top placement of text

Left placement of text

Right placement of text

./fbdesk [option]
   -rc    (default: ~/.fluxbox/init)
   -v      show version
To execute the icon command: double click on the icon.
To bring up icon menu: right click on the icon.

Resource file:

fbdesk.iconFile:  filename to icon file (default: ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons)
fbdesk.font: icon font name (default: fixed)
fbdesk.textColor:  color for icon text  (default: black)
fbdesk.textBackground: color (default: white)
fbdesk.snapX: x snap size (default: 5)
fbdesk.snapY: y snap size (default: 5)
fbdesk.doubleClickInterval: time interval between clicks for a double click (default: 200)
fbdesk.textPlacement: placement for text around icon image  (default: Bottom)
fbdesk.lockPositions: bool (default: false)
# Possible values for text placement: Left, Right, Top and Bottom
session.styleFile: style file for menu (default: none) this one is read from ~/.fluxbox/init 

Icon file format:
# this is a comment
# Start of one icon entry
[Deskop Entry]
Icon=the image filename
Name=the icon label
Exec=what it executes
Pos= 123 456  # position of the icon
# end of one icon entry


[Desktop Entry]
Pos= 100 100

To make FbDesk use the same style as fluxbox you need to put the resource 
items in the same file as Fluxbox resource file (~/.fluxbox/init)
If the icon file is missing or empty, FbDesk will create a single default 
icon on position 64 64.