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The latest stable release is v1.0.0. More information on the development up to this version can be found here.

Sources & Subversion   Binaries
 v1.0.0 Source tarball | md5sum: 1f389177e17cd1e8dbed07c80812961f

 v1.0.0 Source bz2 | md5sum: 990e276ead0d04421dce4080f485caca

 NetBSD pkgsrc
(maintained by Jared McNeill)

 OpenBSD-Port (v3.6)
Fluxbox is distributed in the OpenBSD ports tree as source version and may be compiled on other platforms (so there is a big chance that binaries are available for other platforms).

Download Documentation
For downloading documentation in different lanuages and formats check Documentations Page.

   Debian package
(maintained by dopey)

 Fedora package
(maintained by Rudolf Kastl)

 OpenBSD (v3.6) package

 NetBSD package
(maintained by Jared McNeill)

 Slackware package
(maintained by greyhame)

 Sparc package
(maintained by NivenHuH)

 Suse package
(maintained by buk)

Can't find binary for your distro?
Roll your own, put somewhere on the web, and send info here.

Older Releases   Development Version
Here you can find older releases of Fluxbox.

  Here you can find development version (v0.9x) of Fluxbox.

Binaries of Development Version

 Fedora package

(maintained by Kirill Pisman)

Unofficial Patches of Development Version

With this patch you can move and resize windows with mouse using "Windows Key" instead of "Alt Key".

Patches   Misc
v1.0.0 (latest)
No official patches available for this release.

Unoffical Patches for v0.1.14
 Remember Patch(v0.1.14)
Author: Xavier Brouckaert
1) Ability to launch applications at fluxbox startup via a submenu called 'Startup' in the menu file. It's useful for those using gdm as login manager (without .xsession).

2) Remembering of workspace, dimensions, position and other parameters via a new submenu called 'Remember...' when you right click on the titlebar of a window. Window settings are saved in a new file "~/.fluxbox/apps".
Older releases
Here you can find patches for older versions of Fluxbox.

Patches repository
Some experimental yet kewl & usable fixups.
Browse all patches
  convertkeys | convertkeys2
Utilities to convert your old bbkeys conf-files (.bbkeysrc) to fluxbox new keygrabber's syntax

 SID Pack (1.26 MB)
Additional Themes
(maintained by aleczapka)

Fluxbox Configuration Tool
(maintained by fab)

 fbDesk - FbDesk is a fluxbox-util application that creates and manage icons on your Fluxbox desktop.
(maintained by Henrik)

 Fluxspace - A window manager and workspace enhancer and integrator.
(maintained by Steve Cooper)

 fbsetbg - bsetbg replacement. Read more
(maintained by the fluxbox team)

 fbcolor - Creating colorflavours of fluxboxstyles. fbcolor is a small and handy tool to create different colored flavours of a fluxbox-style. Read example of usage.
(maintained by Mathias Gumz)

 Fluxter - is a workspace pager dockapp, particularly useful with the Fluxbox window manager.
(maintained by Steven Cooper)

 FbPager - a slit pager with transparency and mouse gestures.
(maintained by Henrik Kinnunen)

Propaganda   DotFiles
Get Fluxbox logos, graphics, banners, icons, etc.   Fluxbox configuration files in action. You can submit your own.

Using Subversion
To get the latest version of Fluxbox from the Subversion-Repository do:
svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/fluxbox/trunk fluxbox
cd fluxbox
The directory called fluxbox, will be created with the sources.
Note: When you download Subversion-Repository for the first time you need to run ./autogen.sh in fluxbox directory, as written above. After that you will have configure and other stuff needed to compile.

Later just do this to update:
    cd fluxbox
    svn update

For additional files you could check our project page at SourceForge.net.


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