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Set of patches for older versions of Fluxbox. If you're looking for patches for the latest version (v1.0.0) check the download page.

 bugfix1 patch (v0.1.13)
This patch fixes:
* interlace rendering
* "OpenOffice"-bug, an uninitialized X atom caused it to crash
* Antialias on start

 Unofficial Remember Patch (v0.1.13)
Author: Xavier Brouckaert
1) Ability to launch applications at fluxbox startup via a submenu called 'Startup' in the menu file. It's useful for those using gdm as login manager (without .xsession).

2) Remembering of workspace, dimensions, position and other parameters via a new submenu called 'Remember...' when you right click on the titlebar of a window. Window settings are saved in a new file "~/.fluxbox/apps".

 bugfix2 patch (v0.1.11) (it contains bugfix1 patch)
This includes the first patch and fixes a deadlock that was introduced in the first patch.
Bugfix1 fixes: This patch fixes new transient handling which should fix the xine problem, and it also fixes the next/prev window focus to non-tabbed window.

 bugfix2 patch (v0.1.9)
This patch fixes:
* bug [ 562882 ] "bbpager in slit doesn't work correctly". (a slit client bug)
* bug [ 562713 ] "incorrect listings in workspace menu".
* bug [ 554646 ] "Dialog boxes have tabs briefly".
Windows that are not maximizable by default, such as dialogs, wont get a tab by default.

 bugfix1 patch (v0.1.9)
If you want to enable nls support with fluxbox 0.1.9, you need this patch.

 bugfix2 patch (v0.1.8)
This bug fixes:
* Fixed bug [ 515483 ] "XMMS Problem", in, decorations.handle and decorations.border now = true on transient windows
* Fixed shade bug while vertical rotated tabs and tabs off (Thanks signal9)
* Fluxbox now saves settings when you change them and not when you quit

 bugfix1 patch (v0.1.8)
This patch fixes some minor bugs in: Menu theme, workspace warping and multibyte in fonts.

 bugfix1 patch (v0.1.7)
Fixes the withdrawn app bug (like the one with bbpager).

Even Older
 bugfix2 patch (v0.1.6)
This patch will fix the problems with ~ in config files.

 bugfix1 patch (v0.1.6)
This patch will fix the problems with some apps like sylpheed or xmms.

 bbtools patch (v0.1.5)
This patch fixes some crashes when using bbtools with v0.1.5 realease.

 gcc 3.0.x. patch (v0.1.4)
If you can't compile Fluxbox v0.1.4, apply this patch.

For additional patches you could check our project page at or subscribe to the fluxbox-devel mailing list.


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