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Customizing Tabs look

To utilize fluxbox' neat tabs and make them look (even more) pretty you'll need to add some extra entries to your desired style(/theme)... However, note that you don't have to do this, fluxbox is very capable of setting the tabs to a proper color/style by itself, but if you want to have more control of how they might want to add a few lines like this:
! -- tab style (for fluxbox)                     Right               Flat Solid         rgb:AC/AC/AC     black                 Raised Solid           rgb:CC/CC/CC       black                 1                 rgb:10/10/10                        fixed
! --- end, tab style
Okay, so what does all this do then?
Well the same stuff as any other thing in a theme, im sure you get it if you have ever made a blackbox theme before (if you haven't, read some tutorial 'bout it;)

Also note that a style containging these extra entries will still work perfectly in blackbox, so you loose nothing by adding this!


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