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  6. Editing Your Menu
  7. The Basics of themes (styles) in Fluxbox

Fluxbox Menu

So you have fluxbox installed and now you see that nifty little application launcher called the menu when you right click your desktop. This is of little use if you can't edit it to launch the applications that you use. This doc will attempt to answer all questions regarding this.

  • Setting the Menu File Location
    The Fluxbox menu is by default ~/.fluxbox/menu. (where ~ denotes a users home directory) This setting can be changed however via your init. Here is an example of the line:
    session.menuFile:       ~/.fluxbox/menu
    Just change the /path/to/filename if you wish to use a different file for your menu. The current structure, however, should be fine for most people.

  • Available Commands
    The Fluxbox menu is just a text file that allows you to make subfolders, launch applications, control workspaces, configure fluxbox, and exit X. The menu can take the following commands:
    [begin] (MenuTitle)
    [submenu]  (SubMenuName) {SubMenuTitle}
    [exec] (ApplicationName) {/path/to/program}
    [include] (/path/to/meufile)
    [nop] (--------)
    [workspaces] (SubMenuName)
    [stylesdir] (/path/to/stylesdir)
    [config] (FluxboxConfiguration)
    [reconfigure] (Reconfigure)
    [restart] (Restart)
    [exit] (Exit)
    Most of this should be pretty self explanatory as to what it does. The italicized items are the words that actually show up on your screen. I will explain the harder to understand items further.

    [nop] - This allows you to put text or an empty line if you wish that will not execute anything but just act as a seperator in your menu.

    [reconfigure] - If you use the menu to change your fluxbox configuration, the changes will not stay after you exit fluxbox. They need to be written to the init file to be permanent changes and can be done by hitting reconfigure after you've made changes you want.

    [restart] - I just want to make sure that everyone knows restart only restarts fluxbox, and not your whole system.

    And, as always, If you need further reference, We provide a rather complete sample menu file with fluxbox.


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