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fluxbox Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FbTk::AppMain class for applications, every application must create an instance of this class
ArrangeWindowsCmdArranges windows in current workspace to rows and columns
ArrowButtonDisplays a arrow on a button
FbAtomsAtom handler for basic X atoms
BoolMenuItemA bool menu item
BorderThemeHelper class for border theme items
BScreenHandles screen connection, screen clients and workspaces
FbTk::ChangePropertyHelper class for some STL routines
FbTk::ColorAllocates rgb color and pixel value
FbTk::CommandInterface class for commands
CommandParserParses text into a command
FbTk::Compose_base< A, B >
FbTk::DirectoryWrapper class for DIR * routines
FbTk::FbDrawableBasic drawing functions for X drawables
FbTk::EventHandlerInterface for X events
FbCommands::ExecuteCmdExecutes a system command
FbCommands::ExitFluxboxCmdExit fluxbox
FluxboxMain class for the window manager
FluxboxWindowCreates the window frame and handles any window event for it
FbTk::GContextWrapper for X GC
GenericToolHelper class for simple tools, i.e buttons etc
FbTk::ImageLoads images
FbTk::ImageBaseCommon interface for all image classes
FbTk::ImageControlHolds screen info, color tables and caches textures
IntResMenuItemChanges an resource integer value between min and max
FbTk::LayerItemPure interface class, an item in layer
LayerMenu< ItemType >Create a layer menu inside from the given menu
LayerMenuItem< ItemType >This class holds the layermenu items
FbTk::MacroCommandExecutes a list of commands
FbTk::MenuBase class for menus
FbMenuA layered and shaped menu
FbTk::MenuItemAn interface for a menu item in Menu
MenuThemeThis class extends FbTk MenuTheme and adds shape item
FbTk::MultiButtonMenuItemHandles commands for the specified numbers of buttons
FbTk::FbPixmapA wrapper for X Pixmap
FbCommands::ReconfigureFluxboxCmdReconfigures fluxbox
FbTk::RefCount< Pointer >Holds a pointer with reference counting, similar to std:auto_ptr
FbTk::Resource< T >Real resource class
FbTk::Resource_baseBase class for resources, this is only used in ResourceManager
FbCommands::RestartFluxboxCmdRestarts fluxbox
RootThemeContains border color, border size, bevel width and opGC for objects like geometry window in BScreen
FbCommands::SaveResourcesSaves resources
ShapeCreates round corners on windows
FbTk::SignalHandlerHandles system signals, singleton
FbTk::SimpleCommand< Receiver, ReturnType >A simple command
SlitHandles dock apps
SlitClientHolds slit client info
SystemTrayHandlerHandles clientmessage event and notifies systemtray
FbTk::TextButtonDisplays a text on a button
FbTk::TextureRenderRenders texture to pixmap
FbTk::ThemeHold ThemeItems. Use this to create a Theme set
FbTk::ThemeItem< T >
FbTk::ThemeItem_baseBase class for ThemeItem, holds name and altname
FbTk::ThemeManagerSingleton theme manager
ToolbarItemAn item in the toolbar that has either fixed or realive size to the toolbar
ToolbarThemeToolbar theme class container
ToolFactoryCreates toolbaritems
ToolThemeHandles toolbar item theme for text and texture
FbTk::TransparentRenders to drawable together with an alpha mask
TrayWindowHelper class for tray windows, so we dont call XDestroyWindow
WinButtonDraws and handles basic window button graphic
WinClientHolds client window info
FbTk::FbWindowWrapper for X window
FbTk::XFontImpRegular X font implementation for FbTk
FbTk::XftFontImpHandles Xft font drawing
XineramaHeadMenu< ItemType >Create a xinerama menu
XineramaHeadMenuItem< ItemType >This class holds the xinerama items
FbTk::XmbFontImpMultibyte font implementation for FbTk

Fluxbox CVS-Jan-2003


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