Available Commands

The Fluxbox menu is a text file that allows you to make subfolders, launch applications, control workspaces, configure Fluxbox, and exit X. The menu can take the following commands:

    # menu file 2004-06-22
    [begin] (MenuTitle)
    [submenu]  (SubMenuName) {SubMenuTitle}
    [exec] (ApplicationName) {/path/to/program}
    [include] (/path/to/menufile) <icon file>
    [nop] (--------)
    [workspaces] (SubMenuName)
    [wallpapers] (/path/to/background/images) {background-setting-command}
    [wallpapermenu] (directory) {command}
    [stylesdir] (/path/to/stylesdir)
    [config] (FluxboxConfiguration)
    [reconfigure] (Reconfigure)
    [restart] (Restart)
    [exit] (Exit)

Not all entries are necessary in all cases, e.g. [end] has no use for an icon.

Note that there is no hard limit on the nesting depth of submenus. There probably is a practical one, though.

[nop] - This allows you to put text or an empty line if you wish that will not execute anything but just act as a separator in your menu.

[reconfigure] - If you use the menu to change your Fluxbox configuration, the changes will be lost after you exit Fluxbox. They need to be written to the init file to be permanent changes, which can be done by hitting reconfigure after you've made the changes you want.

[restart] - I just want to make sure that everyone knows restart only restarts Fluxbox, and not your whole system.

Example 9-2. menu

       # Fluxbox menu file
       [begin] (Fluxbox)
         [exec] (rxvt) {rxvt -ls}
         [exec] (netscape) {netscape -install}
         [exec] (The GIMP) {gimp}
         [exec] (XV) {xv}
         [exec] (Vim) {rxvt -geometry 132x60 -name VIM -e screen vim}
         [exec] (Mutt) {rxvt -name mutt -e mutt}
         [submenu] (mozilla)
           [exec] (browser) {mozilla -browser}
           [exec] (news) {mozilla -news}
           [exec] (mail) {mozilla -mail}
           [exec] (edit) {mozilla -edit}
           [exec] (compose) {mozilla -compose}
         [submenu] (Startup)
           [exec] (gkrellm) {gkrellm -w}
           [exec] (xmms) {xmms -p}
           [exec] (galeon) {galeon -s}
           [exec] (kdeinit) {kdeinit}
		 [submenu] (user wallpapers)
		   [wallpapers] (~/.backgrounds) {fbsetbg -f}
         [submenu] (Window Manager)
           [exec] (Edit Menus) {nedit ~/.fluxbox/menu}
           [submenu] (Style) {Which Style?}
             [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
             [stylesmenu] (Fluxbox Styles) {/usr/local/share/fluxbox/styles}
           [config] (Config Options)
           [reconfig] (Reconfigure)
           [restart] (Restart)
         [exit] (Log Out)
       # end of menu file

or consult the rather complete sample menu file that comes with Fluxbox.