5.3. Actions

These are the actions currently provided by Fluxbox. They cover most of the stuff one might want to place on keypresses. Note that in the keybindings file, the last character before the actual event should be a :.

Table 5-1. Navigation

WorkspaceGo to a particular workspace. Use :Workspace 1, :Workspace 2, etc.
WorkspaceNNKept for compatibility, will disappear soon. Example :Workspace1.
NextTabSwitch to the Next Tab in the current group.
PrevTabSwitch to the Previous Tab in the current group.
NextWindow NGo to Next Window. See Note 1.
PrevWindow NGo to previous window. Again, see Note 1.
NextWorkspaceGo to the Next Workspace.
PrevWorkspaceGo to the Previous Workspace.
LeftWorkspaceSame as PrevWorkspace.
RightWorkspaceSame as NextWorkspace.

Note1. NextWindow / PrevWindow

The NextWindow/PrevWindow has a numerical argument, which is a bit too complicated to be explained inside that table above. Here's how it works.

The integer parameter that specifies the options picked from the table below and then ORed:

Bit valueOption
1Skip lower tabs (treat tab groups as one window.)
2Skip stuck windows.
4Skip shaded windows.

Sum the values of the options you'd like. The result is the parameter for NextWindow/PrevWindow. Or you can just pick the value from this table:

0No skipping.
1Skip lower tabs.
2Skip stuck windows.
3Skip lower tabs/stuck windows.
4Skip shaded windows.
5Skip lower tabs/shaded windows.
6Skip stuck windows/shaded windows.
7Skip lower tabs/stuck windows/shaded windows.

Table 5-2. Window Operations

CloseClose the Window.
KillWindowThe equivalent of calling xkill and clicking on the window.
MinimizeAlso known as "iconify". Make the window iconified.
ShadeWindowPut window in the 'shaded' state, or restore from the 'shaded' state.
StickWindowToggle a Window's 'sticky' state.
ToggleDecorToggle whether or not current window has a border, buttons, and titlebar.
ToggleTabToggle the Tab on or off for a window.
RaiseBring the window to the 'Top', it will appear 'Above' windows that it overlaps.
LowerOpposite of Raise.

Table 5-3. Window Sizing

HorizontalIncrementMakes the window one unit wider (See Note 2).
HorizontalDecrementOpposite of HorizontalIncrement
VerticalIncrementMake the window one unit taller (See Note 2).
VerticalDecrementOpposite of VerticalIncrement
MaximizeHorizontalMaximize the window horizontally.
MaximizeVerticalMaximize the window vertically.
MaximizeWindowMaximize the Window.

Note2. HorizontalIncrement / HorizontalDecrement / VerticalIncrement / VerticalDecrement

It says "one unit" when describing the resizing. This in particular is in regard to xterm/aterm/Eterm in that instead of resizing by one pixel, they will add another character-width worth of space.

Other programs should just resize by one pixel.

Table 5-4. Window Movement

SendToWorkspaceSend current window to a specified workspace. Use :SendToWorkspace 1
NudgeDownThe Nudge options all move windows around.
NudgeLeftThe Nudge options all move windows around.
NudgeRightThe Nudge options all move windows around.
NudgeUpThe Nudge options all move windows around.
BigNudgeDownThe BigNudge options all move windows around by larger amounts.
BigNudgeLeftThe BigNudge options all move windows around by larger amounts.
BigNudgeRightThe BigNudge options all move windows around by larger amounts.
BigNudgeUpThe BigNudge options all move windows around by larger amounts.

Table 5-5. Miscellaneous

AbortKeychainIn Multi-binding keychains, cancel the keybinding.
ExecCommandExecute a command. Example :ExecCommand xmms -t.
RootMenuSummon the Root Menu.