Chapter 9. Editing Menus

Table of Contents
Setting the Menu File Location
Available Commands

So you have Fluxbox installed and now you see that nifty little application launcher called the menu when you right click your desktop. This is of little use if you can't edit it to launch the applications that you use. This doc will attempt to answer all questions regarding this.

First off, there is a nice utility shipped with Fluxbox, called fluxbox-generate_menu. It tries to glean the paths of various commonly installed programs such as browsers and terminal emulators from your environment and creates a menu file. fluxbox-generate_menu is covered in detail in the Section called fluxbox-generate_menu in Chapter 3.

Setting the Menu File Location

The Fluxbox menu is by default ~/.fluxbox/menu. This setting can be changed, however, via your init file. Here is an example of the line:

Example 9-1. Setting the menu file

    session.menuFile:       ~/.fluxbox/menu

Just change the ~/.fluxbox/menu if you wish to use a different file for your menu. The current structure, however, should be fine for most people.