Chapter 1. Introduction

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About this documentation
About Fluxbox

About this documentation

This is the new documentation for Fluxbox, an X11 window manager. It was created from the older HTML only documentation with the goal of making it easily adaptable to various output formats. Its source is written in DocBook 4.1, a format that was specifically designed for documentation.

There have been a few Fluxbox documentation maintainers so far. The docs your reading now are mostly based on work by Rando Christensen or were originally written by him, followed by and several others have contributed. If credit is missing, please notify the to fix it.

Questions regarding Fluxbox itself are better directed to the Mailing lists. You can find subscription information for them on the official Fluxbox page.

Submissions and Translation: I'll accept almost all submissions of well-written documentation for anything not covered here which people think should be added; Simply send me an email at the address mentioned above if you have any questions about how you can help or if you have some documentation you'd like to add.

Both the source of this documentation and various converted formats such as HTML and PostScript are available from the Fluxbox site. If you would like to use a different DTD or another output format, the source is your friend, although you'll probably need some DocBook expertise to modify DTDs. If you would like to convert the source file to some other format than the ones provided on the Fluxbox site, the package docbook2x might prove helpful.